Starting 5th July 2023
9 hours


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Designed to be fun and engaging, the course blends online and non-computer activities to teach girls aged 12 years and more, coding constructs through freely available online environments. Through these activities, participants will be introduced to emerging technologies, in particular Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. The course includes tutor-led online live video conferencing and self paced projects and builds. The course will also give students an introductory taste to basic game development. Students will experiment with sound and images to create basic animations and basic games. Participants can use any device however a laptop or computer is preferred.

*A minimum number of participants must be reached for the course to run.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, participants will:

  1.  Understand and use key concepts relating to computational thinking of which problem decomposition, pattern recognition and abstraction;
  2. Develop algorithms to analyse a problem and develop solutions;
  3. Predict and explain the outcomes of a sequence of instructions;
  4. Create and modify a sequence of instructions which give a solution to a given task;
  5. Break down a complex task into small meaningful parts;
  6. Debug and test basic code;
  7. Identify and correct errors in a sequence of instructions;
  8. Analyse a solution to a task and formulate a more efficient solution.


Participants are expected to connect 15 minutes before the session begins. Kindly note that some of the sessions might run longer than 1.5 hours.

Session Date Time
1 Wednesday 5th July 2023 05:00PM – 06:30PM
2 Wednesday 12th July 2023 05:00PM – 06:30PM
3 Wednesday 19th July 2023 05:00PM – 06:30PM
4 Wednesday 26th July 2023 05:00PM – 06:30PM
5 Wednesday 02nd August 2023 05:00PM – 06:30PM
6 Wednesday 09th August 2023 05:00PM – 06:30PM