Reading and Creativity Club


25th, 26th, 27th, 28th & 29th July 2022
5 sessions

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The Reading and Creativity Club is aimed at encouraging and promoting a love for reading and creativity in a positive and nurturing digital environment for kids aged 7-9. The club will be held fully online and spread over 5 sessions, during which participants will have the opportunity to read books and work collaboratively on digital artefacts such as the creation of books, images and sounds. Kids can make use of any device, including the school tablet. The course will be delivered in English and Maltese. No prior knowledge is necessary, however we want our little participants to be curious and ready to experiment!

NEW! Your child can be accompanied by a sibling (connecting from the same device) during their sessions for FREE. When times are tough, we are stronger together!

*A minimum number of participants must be reached for the course to run.


Participants are expected to connect 15 minutes before the session begins. Kindly note that some of the sessions might run longer than 1 hour.

Session Date Time
1 Monday 24th July 2023 04:00PM – 05:00PM
2 Tuesday 25th July 2023 04:00PM – 05:00PM
3 Wednesday 26th July 2023 04:00PM – 05:00PM
4 Thursday 27th July 2023 04:00PM – 05:00PM
5 Friday 28th July 2023 04:00PM – 05:00PM